An Overview of Society

Neoliberals vs. Humanity


"Exemplary persons understand what is appropriate; petty persons understand what is of personal advantage."

Confucius, Analects

"Exemplary persons cherish their excellence; petty persons cherish their land. Exemplary persons cherish fairness; petty persons cherish the thought of gain."

Confucius, Analects


George Orwell is spinning in his grave.

He tried to warn us.

He tried. But he was up against a legion of the best liars the world has ever known.

A Nightmare Vision of Society

At secret meetings of the Bilderberg group, and at places like the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a handful of wealthy, unelected individuals (together with some corrupt elected individuals who are their hirelings) routinely assemble to plan the destruction of democracy — everywhere.

With this high-level, global planning accomplished, the evidence strongly suggests that country-specific organizations (like ALEC, in the US) then chart out more narrowly targeted strategies and tactics tailored to destroying democracy in those countries. (Note: while this statement is somewhat speculative, it is at least clear that many individuals participate in both international forums like the Bilderberg and WEF meetings and national fascist organizations; and that their ojectives are consistently anti-democratic.)


In general, the overall plan may be to bankrupt democracies and then appoint effective dictators to take them over. This has already happened in places like Greece — and in states like Michigan. Even democratic institutions (like the US Post Office) are being driven to bankruptcy with a view to privatization and the elimination of any sector of society that benefits everyone. Lurking in the background are militarized police (and, ultimately, the military itself in the form of NORTHCOM), to enforce this program. Extensive spying on everyone, everywhere, is intended to ensure that anyone who gets out of line will suffer the consequences. (Participants at Everything Progressive have already experienced harrassment and persecution, including harassing phone calls, constant physical surveillance in cars and by other means, and home and automobile break-ins, presumably for blowing the whistle on this program of corporate/central bank fascism.)


Crises (such as the events around 9/11), have been exploited to provide cover for an all-out, frontal assault on civil liberties and preposterous levels of "intelligence" spending and militarization. (See Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine for numerous examples of this.)


Frontal attacks on US national sovereignty have been embedded in so-called "trade accords" like NAFTA and the TPP (which are actually acts that elevate corporate rights over societal and democratic rights).


Why are corporate fascists seeking such total, dictatorial control? What is it that these already hyper-privileged individuals really want?


The answer, in a word, is "everything." They are seeking a society of economic enslavement for the vast majority, in order to benefit a very, very few. Specifically, of course, themselves. (You've seen the Bond movies — what is it that sociopathic egomaniacs always seek but global domination?)


What to Do?

First of all, you must understand that only a very small handful of individuals are responsible for all of this. So few, in fact, that most can be very readily identified. Because their numbers are so small, and because their need for secrecy is so great, they have only been able to partially take over the apex of societal "command and control" institutions, like the media; and even here their control is shaky and provisional. The very next person down in the chain of command might very well (and probably does) oppose what they're up to. (And this makes them very, very nervous.)


What this means is that the vast majority of individuals (more than 99%) are not only not on their side, they would be utterly opposed to their objectives if only they knew what they actually are.


When police pepper spray protestors, they are doing this out of ignorance that it is utlimately a few central bankers and CEOs who are responsible.


When FBI and DHS agents engage in the suppression of democracy on behalf of corporations (this is not in dispute: see the links at the end of this article), it is in the mistaken belief that they are helping to control "domestic terrorists" and extremists.


When US military personnel kill children and innocent civilians in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, it is in the belief that they are defending their country against Islamic maniacs. (Nobody would be willing to die or be permanently crippled just to make a few oil CEOs wealthier.)


Our parent site (Progressive Living) identified key politicians (most of whom are probably not clearly aware of what is going on) who are working on the side of the global corporate fascists. (That page was censored by Google until they were embarrassed into leaving it alone - at which point they gradually down-ranked every other page at the site. Apparently we can guess how the billionaire owners of Google feel.) We also identified key institutions, like the Federal Reserve, the Bilderberg organization, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Business Roundtable, and the US Chamber of Commerce; and key media outlets, like the Wall Street Journal, Fox News (both owned by billionaire and former Australian Rupert Murdock), and the Washington Post (owned by the owner of Amazon), which comprise a few of the handful of linch pins of corporate/central banking fascism. Keep in mind that all are vulnerable, and none of these individuals, corporations, or institutions could withstand steady and persistent pressure from an enlightened public demanding democratic reforms.


While ever-increasing numbers of people are aware in a vague sort of way that something isn't right, pressure could be, and must rapidly be, increased by genuinely democratic media providing the truth to a larger number of American citiziens (and the citizens of other countries as well).

But there's no need to wait for any of that: here are some first steps to take today.


First of all, turn off your televison, or at least all television news except for Democracy Now (available on some PBS stations). The vast majority of the "news" provided by Fox, ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS omits or distorts so much that only an occasional small corner of the truth is ever provided. Go to our Media Field Guide (available soon) for some of the best alternatives.

Second, take your money, and your credit card, away from big banks. Use a credit union instead, or else the smallest State bank you can find. (All banks are not created equal.) Credit cards are available from institutions other than Citibank, and other big, fascist banks.


Third, watch where you spend your money. Whenever possible, buy from the smallest, most local, most US-based companies you can find. Try to avoid spending at places like Wal-Mart and Amazon. In the realm of economics, small (and local) is beautiful. Big (and transnational) is very, very ugly (major banks have been shown to be involved in laundering drug money). Also watch where you invest your money.


Fourth, if you are brave enough, and if you are working for a fascist organization, bring forward to the public any information you may have about illegal or immoral activities. But, if you elect to do so, do not go to the New York Times or the Washington Post (particularly the latter). They are involved in the corruption. We suggest that you instead contact Democracy Now or Project Censored (which greatly needs, and greatly deserves, a little financial assistance).


Fifth, exercise extreme care if voting for a Republican. While there are a very few who are genuine conservatives and who really do care about their country, the vast majority are hopelessly corrupted by our broken political system, and all but a tiny handful are unable to act against the political machine of which they are a part. But, even if you vote for a Democrat, be aware that many of them are also corrupt, however good their rhetoric may sound. (Neocon and opportunist Hillary Clinton is very much a case in point.) Keep a close eye on their actual legislative record (if they're an incumbent) and on who provides their financial support. There's a reason why Obama, for example, was such an enormous disappointment: he was co-opted long before he set foot in the White House.


Sixth, call on your representatives to alter US budget priorities. The vast sums being spent on the military and on "intelligence" are grossly in excess of real need. Resources must be reallocated to green energy (especially solar thermal electricity), infrastructure, education, and other urgent priorities.


Finally, do what you can to educate yourself concerning the most urgent problems facing humanity. Resources for that may be found here.


If large numbers of Americans would take these seven steps, things would begin to turn around. And that can't happen too quickly.


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And our Field Guides to economics and politics should also be helpful: economics, politics.


Lastly: hang tough! It will undoubtedly get worse before it gets better.

For the details concerning how Bush pitted DHS and other government agencies against democracy itself on behalf of large banks and corporations, see the report available at:

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