Why Everything Progressive?

Because of the Urgent Need to Get Back to Democratic Basics — and to Good Economic Sense

Here at Everything Progressive we believe so strongly in the virtues of democracy, we think Americans should give democracy a try right here in the United States.

The Sanders presidential campaign has given us some idea of what a real democracy might look like. But it's only the beginning. Reforms need to begin from some understanding of how, why, and where political corruption originates.

Unfortunately, instead of moving toward genuine democracy, the US is moving directly away from it, and has been since the Reagan era.

Indeed, democracy has not been in such danger in the US since the hyper-corrupt years following the Civil War. Even the very sovereignty of the United States, like that of all nations, is under frontal assault, an assault led by transnational bankers and transnational corporate CEOs. An especially powerful group of politically active bankers and CEOs believe the concept of the nation-state is obsolete. Instead, they believe strongly in a discredited system of governance known as 'fascism'.

Americans are most familiar with fascism as the form of government adopted by Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain. Many are aware that under fascist rule, both countries became oppressive and militant dictatorships.

But what, more specifically, is fascism? It's a form of government in which wealthy businessmen rule, so as to further increase their already excessive wealth. That is, fascism is government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy. It is the very form of government that democracy was first invented to oppose.

Given the virulent opposition to democracy on the part of these businessmen, and indeed to the to very existence of nations, it is hardly surprising to find democracy in crisis both in the United States and everywhere else.

Unfortunately, Americans haven't been provided with the information they need to understand what's actually happening, and who, specifically, is responsible. The corporate media, owned by the wealthiest of the wealthy, is vehemently and consistently opposed to reform efforts.

When the ship of state runs aground on the shoals of fascism, it is up to citizens to effect repairs. This isn't possible when citizens lack the facts, and the evidence is abundant that corporate media isn't providing them. One objective of Everything Progressive, and now an urgent one, is to supply those facts. But facts alone won't suffice: strategy and tactics are also needed. EP points the way here, too.

The culture war, inflamed, in part, in order to enrich a handful of get-rich-quick religious extremists, and in part to exaggerate politically-irrelevant divide-and-conquer wedge issues, have done much to unnecessarily divide America. It follows that a closer, and more thoughtful look at values is in order. This is the more foundational part of what can be found at Everything Progressive.

We hope you have as much fun reading this material as we had putting it together.


The Editor / Everything Progressive