What You Can Do Today to Restore American Democracy

Revolutions have, historically, been dicey affairs, causing long-term disruption, and often bringing to power individuals of unstable and sometimes brutal temperament (Stalin providing perhaps the textbook example.) Advocating for "revolution" is, therefore, usually grossly irresponsible. Yet the world now finds itself at a tipping point in many ways, and the half measures, which could have been slowly phased in over the last 30 years if only awareness and political will had been sufficient, are no longer an option. To put this in terms of the 2020 election, we need the approach advocated by Bernie Sanders, not the "incrementalism" of a Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton (who is, in any case, a Council on Foreign Relations member, and as such has always been primarily concerned with advancing a corporate and banking agenda - and her own).

Getting Back on Track

Taking the steps now necessary for the survival of civilization itself will require far bolder action than most figures in public life are prepared to take. But some of these steps are neither illegal nor so bold that they cannot be taken by people everywhere.

Everything Progressive aims to provide understanding of the basics of a paradigm that is, in the long run, absolutely superior to fascism (or "neoliberalism" as it is euphemistically called). However, as corporatists destroy the environment and undermine the economies of societies, the "long run" has been shrinking from year to year.

A Short Check List

Stop exposing yourself, friends, and family to corporate media. This includes all of the broadcast mass media, except for the Democracy Now! program. It also includes corporatist newspapers like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as magazines like The Economist. The best alternative newspaper is The Guardian. All of the "news" magazines, like Time and Newsweek are corporatist in orientation (and, historically, fascist in orientation, to the point of making Mussolini "Man of the Year"). However, online publications like The Intercept provide better news, and Project Censored is essential.

Move your money - and your credit card. The major banks are all at the epicenter of national and international corruption, including even the laudering of drug money. If it's an option, move your checking and savings accounts to a credit union, or to local or state banks. A few credit cards are available that don't generate profits for these banks.

Buy locally, and, if possible, from smaller corporations. Next to big banks, big corporations are the biggest corruptors of democracy. Why give them your money?

Don't work for big banks or big corporations. All banks and corporations need labor (and greatly prefer the cheapest labor possible). If it's an option, don't work for them. Start your own business with friends or family.

Big oil and big coal companies are at the center of environmental destruction. Consider an electric car, and solar power for your home.

Never, ever vote Republican at the national level, or for corporate Democrats (like Joe Biden). The entirety of the Republican party is sold out to the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce. Half of the Democrats are sold out to Council on Foreign Relations affiliated corporations.

More to Come

We'll be adding more specifics in the months to come.